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    Q: Can I register a homemade trailer in Maine?
    A: Yes — if it has already been registered before, we will need a copy of the registration. If it has not been registered we will need the following:

    1. Date built
    2. Length, width and height of trailer
    3. Serial number
    4. Weight of trailer
    5. Make

    Q: Does a trailer need to be inspected to get a registration in Maine?
    A: Maine does not require the trailer to be inspected to be registered.

    Q: Is it legal to register in Maine if I live in another State?
    A: The majority of our customers do live in other states, non-residents and businesses can register in Maine. As long as you travel interstate you can register in Maine.

    Q: How long does the registration process take?
    A: It is possible to get a plate the following business day using our “RUSH” service.

    Q: Is there any set up costs or hidden charges?
    A: No, the only additional charge is for the POA (Power of Attorney) that is needed to process the work for you. The cost for the POA is a one-time charge of $20.00

    Q: Any minimum or maximum number of trailers needed to use this service?
    A: No, we offer our service to owner operators that register one trailer and we work with larger companies that register thousands of trailers.

    Q: Do I need a title to register in Maine?
    A: If your trailer is 1994 or older it is title exempt in Maine. If your trailer is 1995 or newer it will need to have a title. If already titled in another state we will need a copy of the front and back of the title.

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